Things To Do 24 Hours Before Your Wedding

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Your big day is just a few hours away! Of course, you are super excited and also nervous since all eyes will be on you tomorrow and hence you need to look perfect. Also, you need the entire occasion to go smoothly as expected. So, here are some of the most important things you need to do the day before so that you can be sure that you have everything prepared. 

  • Check your outfitSince you will be centre of attention, you need to look beautiful, glowing and elegant. So, be sure to keep your entire outfit prepared so that tomorrow you done need to run around making last minute alterations. The outfit includes your dress, shoes, veil, accessories and even your innerwear. Have a dress rehearsal one last time so that you everything fits like a glove. Walk around in your shoes on all sorts of floors for practice.
    • Put a person in chargeThere are a million things going-on on your big day so it essential to have someone to coordinate everything. You might want to enjoy the entire process of the wedding with your bridal group and family and hence assign someone who is outside the immediate bridal party to take care of the final touches or emergencies such as if someone cannot find your wedding location or the caterer is running late etc. This person could also collect all the gifts after the wedding and check around the venue one last time to ensure you are leaving nothing behind.
      • Lay out everything you need for tomorrowAs the sun starts to rise, your day becomes hectic. People start running around like crazy, taking care of every little detail to make your day special. Do you want to be in a similar mess too? Guess not. So, it will better to lay out everything you need for the day the night before. From your luxury robes that you will be wearing while getting ready to the suitcases for your honeymoon, all should be placed in order. Make arrangements for coffee and breakfast so that you will stay energized the entire day.
        • Contact your vendorsWell, laying out your beautiful floral robes, shoes and wedding dress will not help if your vendors mess it up on your wedding day. So, call them up the night before to confirm the reservations. Clearly run through with them the timing and location since the last thing you need is for them to get lost and come in late. Give them your assigned person’s contact details for any inquiries or emergencies. Also, keep all their payments ready.Other important factors to check on include, having a hair and makeup trial, checking the weather, spending time with your family and also, focusing on yourself. You need to relax so do anything that would make you happy and glowing for the occasion.